EonniWrites | Review of Korean Dramas & Variety Shows

Annyeonghaseyo! A newly-born blog, a little late in the blogging world, EonniWrites is my online diary and review about Korean Dramas (K-Drama) and Variety Shows and TV Programs (K-Shows). Watching them is my escape from adulting and my sanity check routine and writing about them became my favorite way of ‘de-stressing’ and expressing thoughts and emotions.

In real life, I am an older sister (hence the pen name Eonni, a romanized Korean word for older sister) struggling expressing my thoughts and emotions. I am a work in progress and as I want to improve communicating and writing, I will work on this blog religiously. Who knows? Maybe this is where I will be discovered as a ‘writer’.

Without further adieu, feel free to roam around this blog where I have written a review about my favorite and not-so-favorite Korean Dramas & Variety Shows!


This platform is still a work in progress and I will try to catch up as fast as I can. For now, please go ahead and check my latest post and reviews!