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Birthday Blues | Eonni’s personal OST ‘Road’ by g.o.d.

As we all celebrate our birthday only once in a year, of course I waited for mine as well. Only to celebrate it with birthday blues. Add the fact that I’m really struggling with my time-management lately, it’s the perfect recipe for burnout… on my birthday.

Fighting the Birthday Blues 2022 - I received a bouquet of flowers and a birthday card from our HR at work

My birthday is not actually today, but last Sunday (25th) and I just celebrated my 29th birthday. All is well and I’m grateful I’m still alive and kicking. But needless to say, I’m really struggling at some point. Why? Let me break it down into bullet points:

  • Full time desk job that consumes 70% of my energy
  • Two Blogs (1st Blog requires a lot of maintenance and updating because of my new theme plus my ads problem with Adsense, Eonniwrites is my 2nd Blog which is now cramped with work)
  • My inconsistent Korean Lessons (apps, daily practice and lessons)
  • Piano Practice (self-teaching) that I completely neglected due to my lack of time, or motivation?
  • Running Training ( 2x/week which is not bad but my performance is getting worse)
  • Wanting to squeeze myself back with my hiking group but I don’t know how to approach as things get awkward early this year when my ex-bf broke up with me
  • Daily household chores after work (laundry, occasional cooking, washing the dishes)
  • Catching up on my K-Drama

From that list, I still have little habits that I’m building on a daily basis (book reading, Ted Talks, meditation) that I don’t want to elaborate anymore. At this point, I’m actually surprised and grateful how I can still catch up on my K-Dramas despite the everyday chaos. But can you feel me?

Anyhow, what’s the point of this post? No idea. I guess I badly needed to let my struggles out. You’re right no one is pointing a gun in my head to do all these kind of stuff. But I guess, I’m pushing my limits so much just to prove that I can do it and that I’m hardworking. Yikes. Not a good idea I know, that’s my toxic trait unfortunately.

Which leads me to my OST of the year and most fitting while I cure my birthday blues….

Title Track as my personal OST

Does this song even need an introduction though? Sure some of you might not be familiar with it but it’s a famous song by g.o.d.,a first-generation boy band from South Korea. Although the song is not really a K-Drama OST, but this song is so popular with lots of covers done by musicians and artists. My favorite cover/rendition is from Begin Again Korea Season 4. Watch the full clip below:

ROAD.IS.THE.SONG. Really. The lyrics, the melody, and the emotions that this song can stir within you, it’s indescribable. It just hurts.

Birthday Blues Thoughts:

“Why am I standing on this road? Is this path really destined for me? Would my dreams come true at the end of this road?”


I guess what I’m feeling right now are pent up frustrations from all the hard work that I’m exerting at the moment. Career, Side-Career (blogging), Getting Fit, Learning, Daily Responsibilities… I don’t have a social life by now. As the song goes, would my dreams come true at the end of this road?

As I end this post, I wish everyone… to take things with kindness. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but don’t become like me who pushes her limits so hard. I will also slow down a little bit before it’s too late. With that, I wish everyone good health and enough happiness. Ciao!

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