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Europe Outside the Tent | Road Trip from Switzerland to Italy

Travel show with road trips and camping involved? Count me in! After 10 long weeks (I mean 1 episode per week is a torture!), TVN’s newest show titled Europe Outside the Tent finally aired the last episode! What is it about? Four known Korean Actors embark on a relaxing camping trip from Switzerland to Italy, it’s not your regular city-hopping trip though but a healing trip! Continue reading!

TVN'S Newest travel-reality show titled Europe Outside the Tent

Disclaimer: This is not a review post but more on highlights recap.


A 10-episode travel show, Europe Outside the Tent, is a camping trip of 4 veteran Korean actors. Yoo Hae-Jin, Park Ji-Hwan, Jin Sun-Kyu and Yoon Kyun-Sang are our ‘campers’ who will embark on a 9days/8nights trip where they will drive their own car and sleep inside their tents on different campgrounds around Europe.

Korean Actors as cast of Europe Outside the Tent

The show started with a meeting in South Korea to discuss the members’ itinerary, food preferences, travel and driving experiences. Except Park Ji-Hwan, the three actors went first and started the trip at Lake Thun.

Europe Outside the Tent's Itinerary from Switzerland to Rome

Due to Park Ji-Hwan’s prior commitment, he missed the first leg of the trip but eventually joined the group in Italy which is around Episode 5 already. But how will their camping go, really?

Highlight of Europe Outside the Tent:

Let me set your expectations right, this isn’t a jampacked Europe trip that you might be expecting. Europe Outside the Tent is a relaxed road and camping trip where you will see the members driving, telling stories, making fun of each other, setting up their tents, cooking their food and from time to time sightseeing as tourists. But, it doesn’t mean that this show is boring at all. It isn’t, at least for me.

With adventurous yet healing activities to spice the itinerary of our campers, Europe Outside the Tent is a balance of reality-travel-camping show you’ll ever want!

Activities Done by Campers

  • Paragliding Experience of Jin Seon-Kyu and Yoon Kyun-Sang booked by Yoo Hae-Jin
  • Swimming at Lake Thun together including the PD’s and entire crew!
Cameramen's swimming break during team's swimming at Lake Thun on Europe Outside the Tent show
  • Cycling at Lake Garda
  • Gourmet Trip featuring Prosciutto, Parmesan Cheese and the Balsamic Vinegar
Gourmet Trip while in Italy looking at Prosciutto
  • Trekked their way through the Tuscan plains up to the next campground
Campers trekking through the Tuscan plains on Europe Outside the Tent Show

Bonus Section – Campers Cuteness:

Apart from the adventures that our campers went through together, we get to know a little more about them throughout the show. Like how Yoon Kyun-Sang’s hair is so fluffy in the morning and that he is super close to his father. We have seen Jin Sun-Kyu’s cuteness as well especially when he fell for Hai Jin’s tricks. Can’t we appreciate his sweetness and his love for his family too?

Moving on to the veterans, we have the super energetic Yoo Hai-Jin who keeps on running whenever he can. It’s nothing to me as I saw him running every morning in the Reality-Travel Show Korean Hostel in Spain (one my favorite show!). Not only his running is impressive but the way he cares for the crew is just purely genuine and sweet. Ji-Hwan who I recently saw in Our Blues, surprised me the most. I didn’t expect him to be a camper yet he’s the master camper among everyone else.

And is it just me who’s surprised that Ji-Hwan just recently got married? How sweet his wife is for sending him so many side dishes too!

Korean side dishes sent by Ji-Hwan's wife for him during the Europe Outside the Tent trip

K-Show Rating

I’ve been ignoring any post/videos about Europe because of my recent heartbreak from getting rejected for a Schengen Visa. However, this show became my Achilles’ heel. I couldn’t NOT watch it. Watching one episode per week is a torture though so I recommend you to watch it in one go! By the time the show is over, it makes me want to go to Europe in an instant for a camping trip too!

Rating: 10 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 10 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Fans with Outdoor and Travel Wanderlust
  • Will I recommend this: YES!
Europe Outside the Tent Campers' View at Grindelwald

My kind of travel, Europe Outside the Show is a relaxed and slow travel experience of our campers an

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