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Good Detective Season 2 | K-Drama of Detectives’ Brotherhood

Despite Lee Elijah’s departure from the show, our brotherhood of detectives are back one more time! A light and comedic K-Drama, Good Detective Season 2 just ended with its highest rating so far! Should you watch this? Read below!

Disclaimer: This is a review of Season 2 ONLY and and the characters and storyline of Season 1 is absolutely not related in this review. However, this post may contain SPOILERS of Season 1 since Season 2 is a continuation of Season 1.

Storyline of Good Detective Season 2

Picking up from where we left Kang Do-Chang (played by Son Hyun-Joo) and Oh Ji-Hyeok (played by Jang Seung-Jo) are still partners in crime with new cases assigned to them.

Oh Ji-Hyeok and Kang Do-Chang of Good Detective Season 2

Personal Review of Good Detective Season 2

Let me get things straight before anything else. I watched Good Detective Season 1 because of Oh Ji-Hyeok and Lee Elijah’s chemistry onscreen but I stayed because of the chemistry of all the detectives. Clear? Do you feel the weight of the brotherhood? Okay not yet…

Similar to Season 1, we have villains here and this time it’s a completely new character. Good Detective Season 2 gave us a manipulating bitch (Cheon Nana played by Kim Hyo-Jin) and her husband (Woo Tae-Ho played by Jung Moon-Sung). As a powerful couple from a known family and company, our main characters are up for a big fight, which is a typical criminal K-Drama.

Cheon Nana of Good Detective Season 2
Yes, she manipulates everyone. What a b*tch.

But this is where it gets interesting (at least for me), the chemistry of detectives are just oozing with humor and it was delivered naturally. I don’t know how high/low my laughing gauge meter is (if there’s even a term as such) but they really cracked me up. And it’s not stupid funny (sorry not sorry for the term) like Eulacha Waikiki, not sensibly and quirky funny like Be Melodramatic and not exaggerated funny like Café Minamdang either.

The delivery of the scenes are just plain hilarious! Just by looking at the screenshot below made me giggle again (and mind you I’ve seen this multiple times already). No matter how many times I’ve seen these screenshots, I still laugh as I remember the scenes on my mind.

HOSPITAL SCENE: Kim Ji-Hoon & Jung Soon-Won’s Bromance brought laughter to the detectives. Look at how Cha Rae-hyung (guy facing on the right with a black jacket) is suppressing his laughter!

In the K-Drama world full of betrayal, greed, corruption and two-faced characters even among the same team, Good Detective Season 2 isn’t like that. It’s all about fighting for what they know what’s right even at the risk of losing their job (they secretly hope they lose their job in return of Oh ji-Hyeok’s promise of his building in Gangnam lol!!).

K-Drama Rating

The series isn’t as heavy as Big Mouth is or as mind-boggling as Insider is. In fact, it’s just a regular crime drama following our brotherhood of detectives. The bond they have is admiring and cute and despite of how big the enemy is, they fight for what they know is right. They’re like ‘We’re all in this together’ team. I really stayed because of that. I mean, I don’t mind working with shitty circumstances ONLY if I have a strong and reliable team like theirs.

When they fake this interview to make it look like Oh Ji-Hyeok’s a corrupt detective, lol!

The detectives’ characters and their delivery are a much stronger pull than my tendency to nitpick the small elements that fell short (first few confusing cases, Eun Hye’s occasional shortcomings, Bo-Kyung’s impact and Cheon Nana’s deeper motives).

Good Detective Season 2 Ending Scene

Rating: 7 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 7 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Fans of Crime Drama & Detective Dramas
  • Will I recommend this: YES

If you like brotherhood and friendship squad storylines with a good amount of crimes and investigations, Good Detective Season 2 is a light K-Drama that can give you both of that. I loved the series much more than Season 1 and I don’t mind watching another season!

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