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Instant Korean Tteokbokki | Original Tteokbokki by O’Food

Apart from my K-Dramas, K-Shows, and my ramblings in OST Blues, here’s where the valuable stuff comes in. First post in this section, is a newly discovered instant Korean Tteokbokki bought from the next-door Korean mart!

What’s a Tteokbokki?

A tteobokki is a famous Korean snack. It is made of rice cake simmered in a seasoned gochujang sold by food stalls in South Korea. Served originally as plain, it is now being served with cheese, boiled egg, green onions and rice cake. Not only it is popular among the Koreans, foreigners fans like me joined the bandwagon of the tteokbokki fandom!

Thanks to our next-door Korean mart, we get to buy Korean groceries and snacks whenever we crave one. Not only groceries and snacks, Family Mart also have a food stall inside with some of my favorite Korean food! I will share it on a different post later on, promise!

Instant Korean Tteokbokki by O’Food

A recent discovery by my roommate, retailed at AED 15 per pack is this Original Tteokbokki by O’Food. With 2 servings inside, it’s perfect for two snacks on a weekend!

Not only Korean snacks are now accessible to foreigners like me, it’s also easy to prepare! Boil the rice cake for 3 minutes and add the sauce, the snack is finally ready! As suggested from the packaging, you can add rice cakes, boiled egg, cheese and green onions to create a delicious twist!

Instant Korean Tteokbokki

Here’s the outcome of one serving from the pack. The amount is just right as a snack and it’s savory. It doesn’t taste artificial either like the tteokbokki cup noodles I tried a few years back. What a better way to cure the blue weekend I’m feeling at the moment but to eat right?

Do you like Korean food as well? Have you tried Tteokbokki and do you like it? ๐Ÿ™‚

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