South Korean Influence to Me as a Foreigner

With over a decade worth of watching K-Dramas and K-Shows, by now, I’m pretty much influence by the South Koreans. Albeit not directly influenced by someone in particular, the power (and influence) of media is more than enough to convince me to travel to South Korea as my first travel/vacation abroad (moving to Middle East is not counted) and first solo travel ever! Where did I even get the courage from?

First ever travel abroad is in South Korea which is a proof of influence of South Koreans to me

Anyhow, enough of the explanation and I think it’s pretty much enough to express my love for South Korea. Without further adieu, enjoy what (little) I have so far. In this section, are my not-so-boring K-Drama & K-Show reviews that hopefully is something you’re looking for. Or maybe not but maybe of interest to you. Whatever that is, please enjoy!

Tagged as #KoreanInfluenceSeries, I will be writing posts about the influence by South Koreans to me as a foreigner!



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