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Law of the Jungle Antarctica | Trip to the South Pole

After watching Law of the Jungle Patagonia, I finally get the gist of the whole show. The travel bug in me got addicted and I’m already done watching my second Law of the Jungle segment*. With Jeon Hye-Bin and Kim Young-Kwang as cast members, Law of the Jungle Antarctica gave us an all-white crystal landscape. With side trips to the Geographical South Pole and Rossman Cove, it’s a once in a lifetime experience for the entire crew!

*Disclaimer: Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary program with over 452 episodes. This post is dedicated to Antarctica segment (Episodes 311-314) only. I use the term segment to refer to a particular location.

K-Show Storyline

Our three cast members (Tribe as they call it) made their way separately to Punta Arenas in Chile as their meeting place. Due to a bad weather, the flight to Antarctica got cancelled and the tribe was forced to wait until the next morning. Blessing in disguise, the team had a glimpse of the Magellan Penguins while waiting for their flight. Luckily, the flight to Antarctica resumed the next morning and they board the Russian aircraft (Ilyushin Il-76) that will take them to Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica.

Upon arrival in Union Glacier Camp, the tribe started to work on their Igloo, a life-long wish of Kim Byung-Man. Not only they managed to build an igloo, but they managed to sculpt a table and a chair as well.

Highlights of Law of the Jungle Antarctica

Ah, Antarctica. Where do I even begin? Antarctica truly lives up to its name, a biting cold weather yet remains an unspoiled raw piece of the Earth. With its geography comes some peculiarity of Antarctica. The first photo shows us what we call the Mpemba Effect. Mpemba Effect is a process where hot water freeze faster than cold water. From the show, Kim Byung-Man showed us what happens by throwing hot water in the air – the water froze instantly and flew away like a cloud. Like Elsa’s power in Frozen 😉

Unlike the first photo above, the second photo doesn’t have an official name (as far as my research goes), yet. But it’s a natural effect where ice crystals formed on the surface of a bubble. It doesn’t end there, we get to see a towering ice fall and a cove that looks like a sea except that it is covered in ice!

Another highlight is the encounter with the famous Robert Swan, the first person who walked both North and South Poles. Now an an environmental activist along with his son Barney Swan, they promote the protection and preservation of Antarctica in his project 2041.

Last but not the least, the greatest achievement of the show, is reaching the geographical South Pole known as the 90 degrees South! Ah, what a dream!

Kim Byung-Man of Law of the Jungle reached the Geographical South Pole in Antarctica!

K-Show Rating

Compared to the Patagonia segment, I enjoyed Law of the Jungle Antarctica a hundredfold! Maybe because there’s no stress of hunting for food or because Antarctica is far-flung dream destination for me. With only 4 episodes (3 1/2 technically), the segment is too short. But I know an expedition to Antarctica is super costly so I do understand. All episodes were packed with lots of information and I was glued on watching the whole time. As the tribe said at the end… everything was special!

Law of the Jungle Antarctica

Rating: 10 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 10 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Fans of Antarctica
  • Will I recommend this: RESOUNDING YES!

A dream fulfilled by Kim Byung-Man for me, I developed an attachment in this segment. Reaching the continent of the Antarctica let alone the Geographical South Pole, it was truly an achievement. As the first Korean variety show who reached the continent, I’m so proud for the entire Law of the Jungle Antarctica team! Since I already see some parts of the next segment, I’m off to the next one which is in Mexico!

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