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Law of the Jungle Mexico | Yucatán Peninsula & Lacandon Jungle

The last episode (Episode #314) of Law of the Jungle of Antarctica pretty much teased the tropical girl in me by showing us the next segment which happens to be in Mexico! To get things right, I’m no Mexican but I’m a tropical Asian girl who’s a fan of Latin America! So who am I to stop watching? With few weeks of laziness from watching, I finally finished Law of the Jungle Mexico!

Disclaimer: Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary program with over 452 episodes. This post is dedicated to Mexico segment (Episodes 314-324) only.

K-Show Storyline

Split into two parts, first is the Pirate Ship Survival in the Yucatán Peninsula followed by an abundant feast of food in the Lacandon Jungle with an immersion with the local people, the descendants of the Mayas!

Similar to Law of the Jungle Patagonia, we have two batch of tribe members in this segment (Mexico).

  • First part tribe members (Ep. 314-320): Oh Man-seok, Jota, Han Eun-jung, Choi Jung-won, BtoB Members Eun-Kwang & Hyunsik, and my newest girl crush Seol In-ah
  • Second part tribe members (Ep. 320-324): Julien Kang, Kang Nam, Kim Jun-Hyun, Chef Choi Hyun-Seok, Nam Bo-Ra, Winner member Lee Seung-Hoon, and Red Velvet member Kang Seul-Gi

Highlights of Law of the Jungle Mexico

Let’s dive right into the highlights! Personally, the second part really piqued my interest about the Mayan civilization that led me to watch Apocalypto. However, the first part really kept me hooked to the screen all throughout the episodes!

1st Part: Pirate Ship Survival in the Yucatán Peninsula

Despite my fear of the open-water, the vast open sea visuals are stunning and it makes me want to jump too! Add the fact that Kim Byung-Man and Seol In-ah was able to explore an abandoned ship, daebak! It calls me to conquer my fear of the open-water!

An abandoned ship explored by Kim Byung-Man and Seol In-Ah during Law of the Jungle Mexico

The abundance of food made me really happy in behalf of the tribe members. I was even drooling when they are eating the crayfish! And the squid that changes its color? I believe it’s a Humboldt squid but I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the show, when will I see that in person? They’re so lucky to catch it and I’m jealous!

The tribe members then moved to the island after 24 hours to explore the nature and its wonders. From a cenote (a new term to me), a waterfalls and a desert, the Yucatán Peninsula revealed to us a diverse and stunning landscape of Mexico!

Bonus Section: Seol In-Ah and her freediving skills!

Seol In-Ah’s beauty and fame skyrocketed due to her role in A Business Proposal and I admit she deserves it. However, her appearance in Law of the Jungle in Mexico made me loved her overall personality. Her bubbly attitude, freediving and swimming skills (she look like a sexy mermaid), and her grounded personality, ah I loved her!

2nd Part: Lacandon Jungle

With a chef as a tribe member and an interaction with the local tribes, the descendants of the Mayans, this part is not bad either. There’s abundance of food in this part of the jungle as well. The tribe members were able to hunt snails, fish, duck and even pick fruits such as lime, potatoes and bananas. What made this part really nice is not only showing the local tribes (Mayans), but giving the actual spotlight to them.

They showed us how to hunt fish, ate with the tribe members and even played soccer! After the survival missions in Lacandon Jungle, our tribe members were taken into two different locations to witness another piece of Mexico’s underrated yet marvelous nature.

K-Show Rating

As much as I enjoyed the segment, I still can’t help but call out some behaviors in relation to practicing LNT (Leave No Trace) principles while on the show. In this segment, it is Julien Kang’s actions when he kicked and punched the banana tree multiple times until the top part of the tree fell down.

I’m not sure if the scene is supposed to be funny or to highlight Julien Kang’s strength, but his actions are so unnecessary. Viewers may imitate his actions thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it. By no means I am attacking Julien Kang though but challenging the show’s principle instead.

Rating: 8 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 8 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Outdoor, Adventure and Survival Enthusiasts
  • Will I recommend this: YES!

Nevertheless, similar to my comments from other Law of the Jungle segments, Law of the Jungle Mexico was indeed still a fun watch!

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