Law of the Jungle Patagonia
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Law of the Jungle Patagonia | Survival Show in Patagonia, Chile

After Kim Dong-Jun‘s cameo appearance in Backpacker Chef (Episode 5), I was so eager to watch him again since he’s still inside the Military. Since I pretty much watched all his projects already, I decided to watch the Law of the Jungle Patagonia where he joined! My first Law of the Jungle exposure, it’s a little overwhelming at first, but I’m off to a good start!

Disclaimer: Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary program with over 452 episodes. This post is dedicated to Patagonia segment (Episodes 302-310) only.

K-Show Storyline

Filmed in the Chilean side, Law of the Jungle Patagonia is a reality-documentary show where the members are given missions to survive in the wild. Creating their own shelter, hunt for food and prepare the food are the main missions of the the show’s format. Without the use of our modern-day tools and gears, Kim Byung-Man and the guest members worked together to complete their missions.

Split into different challenges, we have two batch of guest members in this segment (Patagonia).

  • First set of guest (Ep. 302-305) – Kim Seung-Soo, Hong Jin-Young, Kim Dong-Jun (my baby!!!), JR, Min-Hyuk and Chae-Yeon
  • Second set of guest (Ep. 305-310) – Kim Sung-Ryung, Jo Jae-Yoon, Kim Jong-Min, Cho Yoon-Woo, Rowoon and Kim Jin-Kyung

First challenge (Level 1) of the show is about surviving in a glacial environment. Second challenge (Level 2) is about surviving in the wilderness/wasteland. The last challenge (Level 3) is Alpine Survival where the team has to hike to reach an elevation height of 5000 MASL.

Highlights of Law of the Jungle Patagonia

Breaking it into shorter sections, the highlights recap are separated into three as well. Without further adieu, let’s start with my highlights recap!

1st Project: Glacier Survival

Not my favorite challenge despite having Kim Dong-Jun, hunting for food was really challenging that I felt bad for the members. All that running to catch the rabbit made me dizzy too.

Towards the end, watching the team hike to reach the glaciers is pure bliss! The ice cave exploration was a cherry on top! I wonder when will I get a chance like that?

2nd Project: Survival in the Wilderness (Wasteland)

Despite being a wasteland, the vast scenery in this challenge is just so diverse and colorful! There’s a red sea and an abundance of animals that it looked like the members were doing a natural safari!

We have seen whales, dolphins, seals and even penguins! Were you reminded of Extraordinary Attorney Woo from the fin whales? 😉

3rd Project: Alpine Survival (5000 MASL Altitude)

Hiking to reach 5000 MASL in Patagonia? I’m jealous! The landscape is so similar to Ras Al Khaimah in UAE and I suddenly missed hiking! #sepanxattack!

Not that I am biased because the activity is familiar to me, this is my favorite among the three. Hiking to reach an altitude of 5000 MASL is a feat that even I haven’t achieved after years and years of hiking. A challenge to hike at such elevation height is both a blessing and a battlefield to conquer. And we’ve seen the members’ prepare and overcome their inner battles.

Since Kim Byung-Man left early for Antarctica, Jo Jae-Yoon also stepped up as the team lead. What a leader he is! We see a side of him we’re not used to (this time he’s not a villain). Can I also say that I love the team’s chemistry? They all have something that just complement one another.

K-Show Rating

As a new fan of the show, this is a nice starting point even though it’s not the pilot episode. The hiker and outdoor enthusiast in me is captivated by the amazing landscape all throughout the show. I learned a lot of skills (theoretically) that may become useful for my future trips. It inspires me to challenge myself as well if I can be out there too without the use of gears (tent, butane, camping stove).

My only concern about the show is the long term impact it may leave on remote locations. During the first challenge, Kim Byung-Man cut some branches to be used for their shelter. Few scenes showed members picking fruits here and there as well. While these actions look harmless, it’s against our Leave No Trace Principle – Leave What You Find.

Cactus Tree in Patagonia

It’s not too long until these remote locations can become accessible to the crowd. If we don’t teach the viewers to practice the Leave No Trace (LNT) principles proactively, we don’t know what will happen to what’s left of our natural resources.

Rating: 8 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 8 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Outdoor, Adventure and Survival Enthusiasts
  • Will I recommend this: YES!

Nevertheless, it was a good show and I felt I traveled with them without leaving the comfort of my bed. South America has long captured my wanderlust and Law of the Jungle Patagonia is the perfect introduction for me to start binge-watching the other projects!

Read my review of the next segment/location, the Law of the Jungle in Antarctica!

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