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Military Prosecutor Doberman | Ahn Bo-Hyun’s underrated Military K-Drama

Okay let me admit it, I totally fell for Ahn Bo Hyun‘s charm this year so bad. Apart from being Woong in Yumi’s Cells, his hot and sexy Military Prosecutor role as Do Bae-Man is another favorite of mine! A K-Drama titled Military Prosecutor Doberman, Ahn Bo-Hyun plays with Jo Bo-Ah, his bad ass partner in crime, the lady in wig from time to time!

Disclaimer: The post ahead may contain SPOILERS since this is a review of the whole series.

Storyline of Military Prosecutor Doberman

Do Bae-Man (played by Ahn Bo-Hyun), steered his path away from the Military world because of his parents’ death who both worked for the Military. He then became a lawyer with no luck from any of his application in law firms. A corrupt Yong Moon-Gu (played by Kim Young-Min) offered him a job to be a military prosecutor for 5 years.

Ahn Bo-Hyun as Do Bae-Man in K-Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman

Nearing his 5-year contract as a military prosecutor, Cha Woo-In (played by Jo Bo-Ah) enters the military unit as a prosecutor. As we get to know her more, Prosecutor Cha reveals to us how her father lost his own company and met an unfair death.

Jo Bo-Ah as Cha Woo-in in K-Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman

As both lead characters narrate their own motives, the K-Drama became interesting as we get to meet the supporting characters. We get Noh Tae-Nam (played by Kim Woo-Suk) and his Doberman Bolt plus his crazy mother Commander Noh Hwa-Young. Inside the Military is our chubby Pyung Sang-Ho who became Noh Tae-Nam’s friend later on.

Personal Review of Military Prosecutor Doberman

A little lighter storyline than D.P., Military Prosecutor Doberman has its fair share of craziness. Different from what I’ve expected, most of our characters struggles’ were all related to issues and traumas caused by parents. When I thought that the storyline will evolve deeper into dark politics, it didn’t. There were of course the usual corrupt politicians but then we have seen themes such as physical abuse/domestic violence in a different standpoint. Bullying didn’t surprised me but of course, when *spoiler* Pyung Sang-Ho pulled the trigger to shoot everyone, I admit I didn’t saw that coming.

As crazy as Noh Hwa-Young is, I would give my praise to the writer for creating her character. We don’t get to see female antagonists as such for some reason and maybe it all goes down to writer’s courage to pull them off. Both the character and the actress are delivered well. Until now, *spoiler* chopping scene is still etched on my mind and I swear it scared the shit out of me while watching that scene.

Bonus Section: Noh Hwa-Young & Noh Tae-Nam

Noh Hwa-Young and Noh Tae-Nam’s storyline is my favorite. While Noh Hwa-Young’s character didn’t really grow that much, my heart ached for Noh Tae-Nam. I admit he’s an asshole at the beginning of the story. When he entered the military, we get to see his ‘humane’ side and his traumas and scars caused by Noh Hwa-Young. Bullying, witnessing the mass shooting, his mother’s continuous greed for power and neglect towards him, poor boy. He’s only waiting for an affection.

When everyone says Noh Tae-Nam’s character redemption is cliché, I cried with him. Those who can’t empathize with Noh Tae-Nam would be the same people who might judge Pyung Sang-Ho for pulling the trigger without fully understanding what triggered him in the first place.

You may ask me, how can I empathize with Noh Tae-Nam that much? While my parents aren’t crazy as Now Hwa-Young, growing up without any affection, emotional support and validation from parents as an only child is the toughest and saddest thing I’ve experienced in my life. You don’t have anyone to depend on. That is strength alone but sad as f*ck. Now imagine Noh Tae-Nam, growing up with Noh Hwa-Young as your mother. Not only she didn’t give any affection and emotional support towards her son, she even go to great lengths just to maintain her position. Even at the expense of Noh Tae-Nam’s life. How sad is it that he only consider Bolt (his Doberman) as his only family…..

Bonus Section Part 2: Yes to Love Line?

Similar to Extraordinary Attorney Woo, this K-Drama would do without the love line. It’s not bad there’s a small spark but the story is pretty much solid without it. However, Do Bae-Man and Cha Woo-In’s love line isn’t forced either. It’s only subtle hinting that they are attracted towards one another. We didn’t even get to see them with an actual kiss either.

Ahn Bo-Hyun as Do Bae-Man and Jo Bo-Ah as Cha Woo-in in K-Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman

I’m not disappointed at all but if I’m Jo Bo-Ah I’d be disappointed not to get a kiss from Ahn Bo-Hyun lol!!! Anyway, everyone gets their happy ending they needed so it’s a nice ending.

K-Drama Rating

Military Prosecutor Doberman is a K-Drama that gives us two bad-ass lead characters facing the military corruption head on. Both characters are flawless while we get Noh Tae-Nam and Pyung Sang-Ho to melt our hearts in between, which kind of balances the storyline.

Rating: 8 out of 10.
  • Personal Rating Score: 8 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Military Fans
  • Will I recommend this: YES! Don’t sleep on this!

Definitely an underrated K-Drama, Military Prosecutor Doberman is a roller coaster ride. Not as dark as D.P., but surely speaks volume on portraying realistic issues inside the military.


  • BEST LIFE QATAR by Zeke Tunay

    Love your detailed review. I actually binged-watched it and its very exciting (since im really a fan of court room dramas). It was sort of an expose’ i think theres really a lot of things that need to be reviewed in their military service (same message of D.P.) but i am really caught by the transformation of the son/CEO (though it wasnt really highlighted) but shown he later became a volunteer… I also agree with you that “the story is pretty much solid without ” the love story angle (kissing scene in the end was already unnecessary, hehehe). But i liked the conflict esp the courtroom battle. Keep it up!

    • Eonni

      Thank you for your comment! Noh Tae-Nam is my absolute favorite because of his transformation. Hahaha yeah the ‘slightly’ angled kissing scene was pointless too. The small spark between Do Bae-Nam and Cha Woo-In is more than enough 🙂

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