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OST Epiphany Blues | Today’s Webtoon – 너의 하루는 어때 by 김태우(Kim Tae Woo)

A new section of my blog comes OST Epiphany Blues. Here, I will be writing a *slightly* more personal thoughts and ramblings about my personal life. In this post, the OST featured is Today’s Webtoon – How’s Your Day (너의 하루는 어때) by Kim Tae-Woo (김태우)

It’s just another weekend. For some reason, I’m feeling a little blue today. I even ditched my usual Saturday jog this morning and decided to stay in bed instead. Catching up on some K-Dramas/Shows that aired this week (Adamas, Good Job, Backpacker Chef and Europe Outside the Tent), the day is almost over. After finishing all the pending episodes, I was struggling to finish my pending K-Drama Review of Military Prosecutor Doberman. Then I decided to take a shower for a break.

As my usual routine in shower, I played a song (on repeat) of what I feel like at the moment. Today, it’s the dreamy OST from Today’s Webtoon titled How’s Your Day (너의 하루는 어때) by Kim Tae-Woo (김태우).

What a sweet and dreamy melody, isn’t it? Not knowing the English translation/meaning, I enjoy it as it is. As I continue to soak my body and soul under the shower, a surprising epiphany just flashed before my eyes. And it’s not even related to this blog, K-Drama or anything about K-World at all….

Now what Epiphany from the OST?

“I’ve come a long way. I now fully accept the simple and happy life that I have. I am finally comfortable with what little love my mom can share after all the years of emotional neglect I’ve went through… I’m finally home.

And as these thoughts came to me, I broke down in tears knowing I’m finally somehow at peace. After a painful heartbreak early this year that led me to so many months of ‘finding myself‘, I found another piece of myself. It’s a piece I was struggling to fit the puzzle for so many years since my teenage years. I kept using a different piece as to what I thought was fitting, only to find out that it cause me more pain and anxiety. A missing piece finally came, when I least expected it. *sobs once more*

This whole epiphany thing made me realized one thing… things truly come without force at the right time. I don’t know what you’re going through right now. But please don’t beat yourself and fit a piece into your life forcefully like me. As one blogger said, time doesn’t heal anything (passively). But time teaches us a lesson and time reveals something when you’re ready and capable.

OST How’s Your Day Lyrics

After my shower, I checked the English translation of the song right away. To my surprise, it is a song about the discovery of the little things in life as well as recognizing and rooting for the bright future ahead. Even with a little doubt, the lyrics somehow expresses an inner strength found within after a long time. What a fitting song for me indeed.

“Like a star that reached me after a long time passed, will I be able to shine?

As I end the day, I kept thinking how the Universe spoke to me thru the OST. Like the song’s lyrics, will I be able to shine? No one knows. Life is still unpredictable and imperfect. But for now, I found healing and comfort as I enjoy the ongoing series about the world of webtoon!

Not spoiling the fun but here’s a photo of On Ma-Eum, Seok Ji-Hyung and Gu Jun-Yeong as baseball players. 😉

Today's Webtoon Baseball Skit

Are you watching Today’s Webtoon as well? If you do, do you like it and its OST? That’s all for now and until my next ramblings!

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