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Short television series with mostly fresh concept (yes few are clichés), South Korean TV Series or K-Dramas are gaining popularity day by day. Accessible now from different platforms such as Netflix, VIU, and many more, my K-Drama world and obsession started wayyyy far back.

EonniWrites’ K-Drama Memory Lane:

It all started with Meteor Garden (which is a Taiwanese Drama) as the first ‘Asian TV Series’ broadcasted in TV that time. After the F4 craze, I started peeking on other Taiwanese Dramas and the CD/DVD marathon became a thing. But then of course, life (I meant school) get in the way so I couldn’t fully account my on-and-off relationship watching ‘Asian TV Series’.

Boys Over Flowers, a South Korean remake came to light and I was sucked in once more. I’ve also watched the Japanese remake Hana Yori Dango and even went on watching other J-Dramas. I’ve spent a lot of time fan-girling on Gokusen (all seasons) and Last Cinderella where Haruma Miura is the lead (may he rest in peace, poor soul). The obsession goes back on K-Dramas but I was once again on-and-off until I started working abroad.

It was 2016 when a rough patch of life happened behind me and K-Drama was the one that saved me from nearly drowning in life. Starting with Descendants of the Sun, I’ve watched almost all the dramas released at that year. One of the year with lots of good dramas, I didn’t stopped watching ever since.

Coming to the present, watching them after work is my ‘me’ time. And even if I’m so late on creating this platform, I still want to push myself instead of always wishing of writing down my thoughts.

Currently watching: Adamas, Big Mouth, Today’s Webtoon, Good Detective S2, If You Wish Upon Me, Good Job, The Law Cafe, Little Women, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Current Record of South Korean TV Series/K-Dramas*:

  • Completed – 308
  • Ongoing/Watching – 9
  • Dropped – 19
  • To-Watch: Endless!

*Netflix/Streaming platforms-produced Korean Dramas are all included in my collection. As long as it’s a South Korean series, it goes in!

  • The only dilemma that I have as of now is… will I be able to write all the dramas I’ve watched? Probably not. But I will try. As of now, please do enjoy my posts below or you can also check my page about K-Shows where I write about variety shows! See you there!

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