South Korean Variety Shows (K-Shows)

As if I have enough time to catch up on my never-ending list of K-Dramas, I’m a crazy fool to generate another source of addiction stress-relief. I don’t overdo it though, I swear. So here comes my newest and growing collection of South Korean Variety Shows a.k.a. K-Shows for short.

My journey started when I watched Running Man from the very beginning. I eventually stopped after Episode 489 for some reason but who knows? Maybe I’ll continue to watch the remaining episodes someday…

Anyhow, I still have a lot to catch up (on both watching and writing about the finished ones). In the meantime, these are my favorite ones:

  • Traveler S1 & S2
  • Begin Again S4
  • Youth Over Flowers
  • Korean Hostel in Spain
  • Coffee Friends
  • In the Soop: Friendcation
  • Backpacker Chef
  • Europe Outside the Tent
  • Youth Actor’s Tent
  • Law of the Jungle

And yes, most of them are travel related!


Travel-related, Reality-Documentary (hello Law of the Jungle) and Cooking-Reality ones.

Current Record of South Korean TV Shows & Programs:

  • Completed – Hmm how do I count the different seasons though?
  • Ongoing/Watching – 3
  • Dropped/Stopped Midway – 1 (Running Man)

Latest K-Shows Posts:

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