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Wooga Squad’s Winter Trip 2022 | In The Soop: Friendcation Recap

Probably one of the famous friendship squads in the Korean Entertainment Industry, Wooga Squad is a 5-member group of friends built over the years. Started with Park Seo-Jun, he met and became friends with Park Hyung-Sik and BTS’ V during the historical K-Drama ‘Hwarang‘. The friendship then grew when Park Seo-Jun introduced his other friends Cho Woo-Sik and Peakboy. During the Winter of 2022, our Wooga Squad goes to a trip in Gangwon-do and showed us their candid times together as they eat, play and sleep with one another.

Candid time at the Friendcation Lodging

Disclaimer: This post is not a review post but just a highlights recap.

K-Show Storyline

The 4-episode travel-reality show started with the boys discussing the suggestion of a friendcation trip. Park Seo-Jun, Peakboy and V goes first to their lodging without Park Hyung-Sik and Choi Wook-Sik due to prior commitment. We saw the boys settled into their lodging, buy some groceries and enjoys the first dinner.

The show goes on as Choi Woo-Sik and Park Hyung-Sik joins them and we eventually saw them all wearing the matching pajamas. I seriously want one like theirs! Anyhow, the candid times together continues as they do some activities such as fishing, ice skating, going to the beach, working out, dipping in the pool, staying in sauna and even doing their skincare routines!

Wooga Squad doing their Skincare Routine

Highlight of Wooga Squad’s Friendcation Trip 2022

As much as I enjoyed the first two episodes, the 3rd and 4th episode are my favorites. They were so cozy drinking together while talking about life, career, with lots of teasing in between. I love how they tease Choi Woo-Sik as the Rom-Com King! Plus Park Seo-Jun teasing V about paying for the yacht is gold! Then V smirking like a little devil with his trick is the funniest!

Wooga Squad drinking together

Then let’s talk about how ‘Husband Material’ Park Seo-Jun is. The way he subtly takes care of the boys, then the driving, then the cooking. I seriously fall for him this time. His K-Dramas didn’t even made me feel that way. Which made me realize, I always fall for the person’s real character and not the role they play.

Park Seo Jun's KImchi Fried Rice

Ah and the ice skating rink scenes… It’s so heartwarming. I had a few ice skating lessons when I was a child yet stopped right away. Watching them ice skating made me reminisce the past. Seeing them playing happily and even performing with a music on, who would’ve thought that these artists’ happiness are so innocent and simple?

Skating Rink Scene

Bonus Section: Heart to Heart Talk of Wooga Squad

The boys started to talk about a more serious conversations while drinking and after watching Choi Woo-Sik’s K-Drama. One by one, they shared their worries about career and success in the cut-throat entertainment industry of South Korea. Hearing the boys’ sentiments made me say, ‘Ah they are as normal as me and you and everyone else’.

As they go on at the same topic, Park Seo-Jun left us with a question to ponder…

“We’re all working hard to reach that goal, so why are we in such a rush to get there? What’s the point in becoming first? What matters is that you can do it for the rest of your life.”

Park Seo-Jun talking about pursuing goals and dreams in life.
Park Seo Jun of Wooga Squad

His remark made my heart skipped a beat because it’s what I earnestly believe in… that there’s no point of becoming first. On the other side, I know that he probably went through an insane amount of pressure and hardships before reaching the point of letting go. To let go of the notion that there’s no need to rush nor becoming the first.

BTS's V crying

Then we also witness V crying before they sleep. The boys comforted him but of course it comes with a teasing and jokes in between. V then said he was so disappointed last year when he was asked why he cried. His wish this year is…

“I hope that… I won’t be sad.”


A successful member of BTS, only wishes to be happy. It got me thinking that success doesn’t really equate to happiness. Isn’t it? I also wonder how lonely he must be and how many times did he endure and cry to be where he is right now?

K-Show Rating

Do I even need to rate this? Probably not but let me do it anyway lol.

  • Personal Rating Score: 9 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Fans of Wooga Squad or viewers who wants to see the other/candid side of Korean Celebrities
  • Will I recommend this: YES!

I may not be following the journey and the friendship of Wooga Squad all along, but seeing them altogether on a trip as a project this 2022 is such a treat. Not only for me but for them too. I’m sure it’s not easy for them to go on a trip since all of them are crazy busy with their own schedules. So the boys going on a trip and we get to journey with them from start to finish is gold.

Despite their constant worries and continuous grind, the boys went back home full of smiles and hope that they can go on another trip someday. Park Seo-Jun suggested a coast-to-coast road trip in the US as an idea, and the boys and I loved it! Could be a little challenging to arrange, but please make it happen!

Wooga Squad

The only reason I’m not giving this a rating of 10 is because I’m afraid that they will be seen as a ‘product’ in the future. You know, selling them as ‘Wooga Squad’ in future projects. It might be a far-fetched thought but I genuinely hope that it won’t happen. But still, who am I to complain? I loved the show anyway 😉

P.S. Just to confirm, the theme song Polaroid that they were working on towards the end isn’t the same as the title track right? And is there anyone who knows when will it be released?

Title Track Behind the Scene

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