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Yumi’s Cells | K-Drama Review

What I thought as a non-sense animated K-Drama, Yumi’s Cells is a creative visualization of cells that makes the person who they are. A combination of logic, reasoning, emotions and inner feelings, Yumi’s Cells is a series worth your time. Read the full review below!

In the middle of the first episode, I dropped the drama without properly absorbing the story during its airing time. Upon finishing two seasons last month, I’m happy I gave it another chance and I even ended up loving every single thing!

Disclaimer: The post ahead may contain SPOILERS since this is a review of BOTH Season 1 & Season 2.

K-Drama Storyline

Yumi’s Cells is a webtoon series revolving around Kim Yumi (played by Kim Go-Eun) and her cells in charge of her reaction, emotions and actions. The story started by introducing Yumi and her cells one by one. Supporting characters went out next and then her leading men. A glimpse of her ex-boyfriend, her co-worker Chae U-Gi (played by Choi Min-Ho) and how she end up on a blind date with Goo Woong (played by Ahn Bo-Hyun) was the first few scenes. Along with her cells, her story unfolded through different phases of her life in two seasons.


Yumi's Cells K-Drama Season 1 - Yumi & Woong

Season 1 showed us Yumi and Woong while Season 2 showed us Yumi’s next chapter of her life with Yoo Ba-Bi (played by Jin-Young) as well as her struggles with her career shift.

Yumi & Babi in Yumi's Cells K-Drama Season 2

Personal Review of Yumi’s Cells (K-Drama)

After giving this K-Drama another chance, I was surprised with myself how I loved the whole series. A light story, easy to digest yet shows us an inner look of how a behavior resulted in a certain situation. Not only that, we also get to see how our little cells often fight from one another in multiple situations. It clearly delivers a visual representation of how parts of us struggles to decide on a certain situation.

Cells of Yumi (K-Drama)

Yumi’s story and journey resonated with me since I watched the series while I’m on a self-discovery journey after a break up. The drama gave me a another perspective to understand myself better like how I react on certain situations. The series subtly showed us also that we all have different prime cells hence the difference in reasoning and priorities.

While most of Yumi’s biggest lessons are about love life and break ups, I liked her journey of finding her passion and way to pursue it.

Thanks to Yumi’s Writer Cell, my own Writer Cell inside me is the main culprit of this blog. My Writer Cell wants me to grow as a writer (big word!) hence creating this platform to babble about K-Dramas.


A usual debate on forums, am I team Woong or team Ba Bi? As my two cents, I won’t pick among the two. Woong and Ba Bi are two handsome yet realistically flawed characters. Woong is a hard working guy building his career and business along with his friends. He is a considerate and humorous guy with a trait of maintaining a clean house too. In the end, Woong’s ‘Pride’ cell got the best out of him and ended up breaking up with Yumi.

On the other hand, Ba Bi is a gentle and caring guy who recognized Yumi’s beauty and writing skills. He waited patiently for Yumi and tried his best to support her while Yumi is pursuing her writing career. Despite his healthy and stable relationship with Yumi, Ba Bi’s ‘Love’ cell got swayed a little though while in Jeju. It’s nice to see him aware of his feelings but we understood Yumi’s trauma of being cheated on.

While both of them are good guys, both have shown their shortcomings and we can’t blame them. Both of them tried to get Yumi back as well yet we see Yumi chose herself in the end. Good decision in the end.

K-Drama Rating

The ending of the Season 2 may be not what a die-hard romantic fan is expecting. But for me, it’s exactly how it should be. The K-Drama is about Yumi’s journey and it’s nice to see YUMI AS THE HIGHLIGHT until the end. Yumi and her cells learned their own ways to navigate life around romantic relationships and break up.

  • Personal Rating Score: 9 out of 10
  • Target Audience: Viewers on a self-discovery journey 😉
  • Will I recommend this: YES!

Yumi’s cells is a story of self-discovery, self-love and growth. It also shows us Yumi overcoming her failures and learning how to prioritize her self more than anyone else.

I didn’t read the webtoon though but I knew what’s waiting for Yumi on the next chapter of her story. The cliffhanger at the end makes me want to see a Season 3 so bad! That’s the only reason why I’m not giving it a rating of 10.

Shin Soon Rok as Yumi's new colleague at the ending of Yumi's Cells in Season 2

If we can even have an 8-episode K-Drama for Yumi’s Cells Season 3, that’s more than enough for me and it will compensate the missing 1 point!


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